Gates Open at 9:00AM & Close at 5:00PM | Air Show 11:00AM – 4:00PM (No admittance after 2:30PM)
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Thank you to all our 2015 performers!


USAF Thunderbirds

The Thunderbirds display the pride, precision and professionalism of American Airmen. In every demonstration, the team combines years of training and experience with an attitude of excellence to showcase what the Air Force is all about. The sharply choreographed, drill-style ground ceremony kicks off the demonstration by showcasing the attention to detail and esprit de corps that defines our enlisted members. As the jets take to the skies and fly only a few feet from wingtip to wingtip, the crowd gets a glimpse of the awesome skills and capabilities that all fighter pilots must possess. The solo pilots integrate their own loud and proud routine, exhibiting some of the maximum capabilities of the F-16 Fighting Falcon – the Air Force’s premier multi-role fighter jet. Visit Website »

Army Golden Knights

Golden Knights – Gold Team

The United States Army Parachute Team, a.k.a. the Golden Knights, is a demonstration and competition parachute team of the US Army. It consists of Parachutists; drawn from US Army Paratroopers who have proven excellence in their parachuting skills. Visit Website »

wounded warrior l-39

Wounded Warrior Flight Team – L-39

The Warrior Flight Team has performed in over 20 airshows over the past three years, helping to raise awareness of the plight of our returning wounded veterans. Visit Website »

usmc av-8b harrier

USMC AV-8B Harrier

The AV-8B Harrier flight demonstration is one of the most sought-after aerial demonstrations offered by the U.S. military. Demonstrations are performed by the same aircraft and Marines who train and deploy in support of real-world contingencies. For this reason, Headquarters Marine Corps selects only a handful of events each year. Visit Website »

quick silver p-51d mustang

“Quick Silver” P-51D Mustang

Scott “Scooter” Yoak’s P-51 celebrates our nation’s armed forces by instilling symbolism in every design detail of the aircraft. Unlike the hurried war effort parts, Quick Silver is made with the skill and care of a master craftsman to restore this Mustang to a condition better than factory new in 1945. Visit Website »

mig 17pf


The MiG-17F was the primary enemy aircraft engaged in the skies over Vietnam by US aircraft. Randy Ball’s MiG-17F is one of only a handful of vintage jets flying the North American air show circuit. It has an authentic detailing and is the only MiG available for ground display with fully restored guns. Visit Website »

Harvard Extreme Harvard Mk IV Rick Volker

“Harvard Extreme” Harvard Mk IV

Rick Volker brings a common theme to all of his displays: complete mastery of the aircraft’s possible flight envelope, pushing the boundaries of both low and high speed limits, he artfully utilizes the smallest 3-D space to create a masterpiece of entertainment. Visit Website »

Greg Koontz & Alabama Bosy

Greg Koontz & The Alabama Boys

Greg Koontz flies two individual routines. One in a Super Decathlon and one in a J-3 Cub. The Decathlon routine is a low level aerobatic routine and the J-3 cub is a flying farmer routine with a landing on a moving pickup truck. Visit Website »

FG-1D Corsair Skyboss

FG-1D Corsair “Skyboss”

This Corsair variant is a Goodyear Manufactured FG-1D built in Akron,OH. Known as Whistling Death by the Japanese the Corsair was a formidable Dogfighter as well as ground support aircraft. Visit Website »

fly jive fly rv8a

Fly Jive Fly – RV8A

“Wild Blue” is a 2006 RV-8A flown by Jerry “Jive” Kerby. Flying for over 39 years and with over 13,000 hours of flight time in over 60 aircraft, LtCol Jerry “Jive” Kerby, USAF (Retired) is a professional air show performer in the United States and Canada. Visit Website »

Gary Ward MX2

Gary Ward – MX2

Gary Ward brings 17 years of aerobatic piloting to the skies, and was the first pilot to begin flying airshows in the awesome new MX2! Gary puts the MX2 through one of the most exciting performances you will ever see including breathtaking gyrations that range from zero speed hovers to dives in excess of 250 mph! Visit Website »

aerial team Trojan Horsemen

Trojan Horsemen

The 6-ship team is built around the T-28 “Trojan” aircraft because it’s a crowd pleasing large, fast and loud warbird rich in combat history and a growling 1425 HP radial engine. Having a commanding presence on the ramp and generating excitement in the air, these military aircraft sport military designs which also compliment their patriotic theme. Visit Website »


Continental Air Show Productions

CASP delivers quality Air show sound with decades of live sound production know-how that has supported +850 air shows. 12,500 watts of amplification feed an all-weather full range system zoned for optimum coverage. Visit Website »

United States Coast Goard Search & Rescue Demo

Come out and watch the United States Coast Guard demonstrate a simulated Search and Rescue (SAR) mission with their their MH-65D helicopter. This demo comes courtesy of the USAG Air Station Detroit. The Search and Rescue Demo will include a take off, fly-by, and rescue hoist from the air field. Visit Website »